Export model information as MATLAB tables


[exportedSet] = systemcomposer.exportModel(modelName)


[exportedSet] = systemcomposer.exportModel(modelName) exports model information for components, ports, connectors, and interfaces to be imported into MATLAB® tables. The exported tables have prescribed formats to specify model element relationships, stereotypes, and properties.

Input Arguments

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Name of System Composer model to be exported, specified as a string.

Example: 'exMobileRobot'

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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Structure containing tables components, ports, connections, and portInterfaces.


Export a System Composer Model

To export a model, pass the model name and as an argument to the exportModel function. The function returns a structure containing four tables components, ports, connections, and portInterfaces.

exportedSet = systemcomposer.exportModel('exMobileRobot')

exportedSet = 

  struct with fields:

        components: [11×4 table]
             ports: [22×4 table]
       connections: [16×4 table]
    portInterfaces: [0×9 table]

Introduced in R2019a