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Create Custom Views

View sections of an architecture model using components, ports, and interfaces

Typically, the structural hierarchy of a system differs from the hierarchy of the functional requirements. With architecture views you can sketch the system based on different hierarchies. For example, you can author a system using the requirements. This allows you to better understand what components you need to satisfy your requirements while not necessarily focusing on the structure.


systemcomposer.view.BaseViewComponentBase class for view components
systemcomposer.view.ComponentOccurrenceShadow of component from composition in view
systemcomposer.view.ViewArchitectureView components in architecture view
systemcomposer.view.ViewComponentView component within architecture view
systemcomposer.view.ViewElementBase class of all view elements


createViewComponentCreate new view component
addComponentAdd component to view given path
removeComponentRemove component from view


Create Architecture Views Interactively

View structural and functional model hierarchies.

Creating Architectural Views Programmatically

View structural and functional model hierarchies.

Display Component Hierarchy Using Hierarchy Views

This example shows how to use Hierarchy Views to visualize component hierarchy as a tree diagram with component stereotypes, stereotype properties, and the reference type a component instantiates.

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