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Signal Labeler

Label signal attributes, regions, and points of interest


The Signal Labeler app is an interactive tool that enables you to label signals for analysis or for use in machine learning and deep learning applications. Using Signal Labeler, you can:

  • Label signal attributes, regions, and points of interest

  • Use logical, categorical, numerical, or string-valued labels

  • Automatically label signal peaks or apply custom labeling functions

  • Import, label, and play audio signals

  • Use frequency and time-frequency views to aid labeling

  • Add, edit, and delete labels or sublabels

  • Display selected subsets of signals and labels

Signal Labeler saves data as labeledSignalSet objects. You can use labeledSignalSet objects to train a network, classifier, or analyze data and report statistics.

For more information, see Using Signal Labeler App.

Signal Labeler app

Open the Signal Labeler App

  • MATLAB® Toolstrip: On the Apps tab, under Signal Processing and Communications, click the app icon.

  • MATLAB command prompt: Enter signalLabeler.

Programmatic Use

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signalLabeler opens the Signal Labeler app.

Introduced in R2019a