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Signal Generation

Create signals


dsp.ColoredNoiseGenerate colored noise signal
dsp.ChirpGenerate swept-frequency cosine (chirp) signal
dsp.NCOGenerate real or complex sinusoidal signals
dsp.SignalSourceImport variable from workspace
dsp.SineWaveGenerate discrete sine wave


ChirpGenerate swept-frequency cosine (chirp) signal
Colored NoiseGenerate colored noise signal
ConstantGenerate constant value
Constant RampGenerate ramp signal with length based on input dimensions
Discrete ImpulseGenerate discrete impulse
Multiphase ClockGenerate multiple binary clock signals
N-Sample EnableOutput ones or zeros for specified number of sample times
NCOGenerate real or complex sinusoidal signals
Random SourceGenerate randomly distributed values
Signal From WorkspaceImport signal from MATLAB workspace
Sine WaveGenerate continuous or discrete sine wave
Triggered Signal From WorkspaceImport signal samples from MATLAB workspace when triggered