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Using MATLAB Functions on Distributed Arrays

Many functions in MATLAB® software are enhanced so that they operate on distributed arrays in much the same way that they operate on arrays contained in a single workspace.

In most cases, if any of the input arguments to these functions is a distributed or codistributed array, their output arrays are distributed or codistributed, respectively. If the output is always scalar, it is replicated on each worker. All these functions with codistributed array inputs must reference the same inputs at the same time on all workers; therefore, you cannot use variant arrays for input arguments.

The following table lists the enhanced MATLAB functions that operate on distributed or codistributed arrays.

A few of these functions might exhibit certain limitations when operating on a distributed or codistributed array. Click any function name to see specific help, including limitations.

Sparse Distributed Arrays

The following list shows functions that can help you work with sparse distributed arrays. In addition to this list, most element-wise functions in MATLAB also work for distributed arrays.

Support for Distributed calendarDuration Arrays

Support for Distributed categorical Arrays

Support for Distributed datetime Arrays

Support for Distributed duration Arrays

Support for Distributed string Arrays

Support for Distributed table Arrays

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