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Create ellipse centered at origin on xy-plane

Since R2020a


Use the antenna.Ellipse object to create an ellipse centered at the origin on the xy-plane. You can use antenna.Ellipse to create single-layer or multi-layered antennas using pcbStack.




ellipse = antenna.Ellipse creates an ellipse centered at the origin on the xy-plane.


ellipse = antenna.Ellipse(Name=Value) creates an ellipse, with additional properties specified by one or more name-value arguments. Name is the property name and Value is the corresponding value. You can specify several name-value arguments in any order as Name1=Value1, ..., NameN=ValueN. Properties that you do not specify retain their default values.


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Name of ellipse, specified as a string.

Example: "ellipse1"

Data Types: string

Cartesian coordinates of center of ellipse, specified as a 2-element vector in meters.

Example: [0.006 0.006]

Data Types: double

Length of the major axis of the ellipse, specified as a scalar in meters.

Example: 2

Data Types: double

Length of the minor axis of the ellipse, specified as a scalar in meters.

Example: 0.9

Data Types: double

Number of discretization points on circumference, specified as a scalar.

Example: 28

Data Types: double

Object Functions

addBoolean unite operation on two shapes
subtractBoolean subtraction operation on two shapes
intersectIntersection of shape1 and shape2
plusJoin two shapes
minusCarve a shape from other shape
andBoolean intersection operation on two shapes
areaCalculate area of 2-D shapes in square meters
showDisplay antenna, array structures, shapes, or platform
plotPlot boundary of 2-D shape
meshMesh properties of metal, dielectric antenna, or array structure
rotateRotate shape about axis by angle
rotateXRotate shape about x-axis by angle
rotateYRotate shape about y-axis by angle
rotateZRotate shape about z-axis by angle
translateMove shape to new location
scaleChange size of shape by fixed factor
mirrorXMirror shape along x-axis
mirrorYMirror shape along y-axis
removeHolesRemove holes from shape
removeSliversRemove sliver outliers from boundary of shape


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Create ellipse using antenna.Ellipse object.

e1 = antenna.Ellipse
e1 = 
  Ellipse with properties:

         Name: 'myEllipse'
       Center: [0 0]
    MajorAxis: 1
    MinorAxis: 0.5000
    NumPoints: 30

View the antenna.Ellipse object using the show function.


Create an ellipse with major axis of 2 m and a minor axis of 0.8 m.

e2 = antenna.Ellipse(MajorAxis=2,MinorAxis=0.8)
e2 = 
  Ellipse with properties:

         Name: 'myEllipse'
       Center: [0 0]
    MajorAxis: 2
    MinorAxis: 0.8000
    NumPoints: 30

Create a mesh with a Maximum edge Length of 20 cm.


Create an ellipse with default properties.

 e3 = antenna.Ellipse;

Create a rectangle with a length of 0.1 m and width of 0.2 m.

 r = antenna.Rectangle(Length=0.1,Width=0.2);

Subtract the two shapes using the minus operator.

 s = e3-r;

Mesh the subtracted shape with a maximum edge length of 1 m.


Version History

Introduced in R2020a