Create linear and nonlinear dynamic system models from measured input-output data

System Identification Toolbox™ provides MATLAB® functions, Simulink® blocks, and an app for constructing mathematical models of dynamic systems from measured input-output data. It lets you create and use models of dynamic systems not easily modeled from first principles or specifications. You can use time-domain and frequency-domain input-output data to identify continuous-time and discrete-time transfer functions, process models, and state-space models. The toolbox also provides algorithms for embedded online parameter estimation.

The toolbox provides identification techniques such as maximum likelihood, prediction-error minimization (PEM), and subspace system identification. To represent nonlinear system dynamics, you can estimate Hammerstein-Wiener models and nonlinear ARX models with wavelet network, tree-partition, and sigmoid network nonlinearities. The toolbox performs grey-box system identification for estimating parameters of a user-defined model. You can use the identified model for system response prediction and plant modeling in Simulink. The toolbox also supports time-series data modeling and time-series forecasting.


Model Identification from Data

Create models from measured input-output data.

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Linear Model Identification

Estimate multi-input multi-output continuous or discrete-time transfer functions with a specified number of poles and zeros.

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Nonlinear Model Identification

Estimate nonlinear models, such as nonlinear ARX and Hammerstein-Wiener.

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Parameter Estimation in User-Defined Models

Specify the model structure and estimate its parameters using nonlinear optimization techniques.

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Online Parameter Estimation

Use Simulink blocks for online parameter estimation.

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Time-Series Data Modeling

Create time-series data models to forecast future signal values based on previous ones.

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