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Create an RGB Image using a loop by choosing a random color for each pixel
x = 1:10; y= 1:10; image=zeros(10,10,3); m = randi(3,10,10); % creates a vetor that of random numbers from 1:3 that deterim...

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solving three equations for 3 unknows
try: D=solve('(2*c*w1)+b2 = 0.3205','((2*c*b2)+ w1)*w1 = 214200','(b2*w1)=1.2260e+05;','c','w1','b2')

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translate equation to matlab code
s2_hat= n1/n2*(N_hat*(-N_hat*s1_hat))-N_hat*sqrt(1-(n1/n2)^2*(N_hat*s1_hat)*(N_hat*s1_hat))

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Function Return only one value
when you call the function, you need to specify two outputs, for example: [X,Y] =MyEKFFun(31,24,18,330,364,379,1,1.1,1.3,2)

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I want to insert a groups of ones in between zeros. I want to display all the possibilities.
here's a start unique(perms([zeros(1,8),111,111]),'rows');

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3D sinus imaginary part
This will get you started [x,y]=meshgrid(-1:.1:1,-6:.1:6); z=x.*sin(y); surf(x,y,z)

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