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solving three equations for 3 unknows

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Hi Guys, I have the three following equations:
(2*c*w1)+b2 == 0.3205;
((2*c*b2)+ w1)*w1 == 214200;
And I need to find the values of: c, w1 and b2.... is there a function for me to do it?
Thanks for your time.

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 10 Jun 2019
For your system, use vpasolve (link) to get numeric results. You may also need to use the double function if you want to use the results in other calculations.
syms c w1 b2
Eqs = [(2*c*w1)+b2 == 0.3205;
((2*c*b2)+ w1)*w1 == 214200;
[c,w1,b2] = vpasolve(Eqs, [c,w1,b2])

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Jon Wieser
Jon Wieser on 10 Jun 2019
D=solve('(2*c*w1)+b2 = 0.3205','((2*c*b2)+ w1)*w1 = 214200','(b2*w1)=1.2260e+05;','c','w1','b2')


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