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How can I fit a circle to a region of pixels?
I'm not familiar with this toolbox. But have you tried simply scanning all point? you could do something like this: % creat...

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obtaining spectrogram in hertz
Hi, you should pass the sample frequency as well. spectrogram(rand(1000,1),windowsize,overlap,windowsize,fs) (The second ...

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Doing a fft on a audio file
Hi, you should have a look at the function "spectrogram" ( <> ), whi...

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How can I use special letter like ő in a gui?
hi, You should use latex symbols (list can be found < here>). for exam...

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Dynamic Time Warping as a classifier, a good idea??
hi, first, your implementation seems ok on first glance. To be sure, in the latest versions of matlab DTW is implemented so y...

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How does DTW penalize stretching ?
hi, I believe you misunderstood the DTW principal. DTW does directly penalizes stretching in the signals, as intended. The be...

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