How can I fit a circle to a region of pixels?

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I have a series of 2D CT slices of trabecular bone. I have binarized them and detected the boundaries of the bone, and now I would like to do a bit more processing. I am trying to fit the largest possible circle into each slice in the black pixel regions. I've included an image so you can see what I mean.
I've tried something like this:
stats = regionprops('table',bw,'Centroid','EquivDiam');
where bw is my binary image without the boundaries drawn in.
Any help would be great! I'm struggling to find other examples which match mine.
Thanks in advance!

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Massimo Zanetti
Massimo Zanetti on 7 Oct 2016
You can manage by exploiting the "shape measurements" and other properties that function regionprops allows you to use:
Massimo Zanetti
Massimo Zanetti on 7 Oct 2016
You are considering "on" pixels the white ones. Try negate the input of bwconncomp. For example instead of using:
C = bwconncomp(BW)
C = bwconncomp(~BW)
This way you will consider the black areas.

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Bert on 7 Oct 2016
I'm not familiar with this toolbox. But have you tried simply scanning all point? you could do something like this:
% create indexes
ix = repmat([1:size(bw,2)],size(bw,1),1);
iy = repmat([1:size(bw,1)]',1,size(bw,1));
% all in vector
bw = bw(:);
ix = ix(:);
iy = iy(:);
% init loop
center = [];
radius = 0;
% indexes of all black points, possibally the center
I = 1:length(bw);
I = I(bw==0);
for i = I
% all distances from thi point to white ones
distances = sqrt( (ix(i)-ix(bw==1)).^2 + (iy(i)-iy(bw==1)).^2 );
% smallest distance
distance = min(distances);
if distance>radius % this point has the biggest minimal distance to a white one yet
radius = distance;
center = [iy(i) ix(i)];

Gianluca Iori
Gianluca Iori on 24 Jul 2018
dear Kelsey, the problem is called "Maximum Inscribed Circle". Solution is provided here:

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