How can I use special letter like ő in a gui?

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Zoltán Gillay
Zoltán Gillay on 4 Oct 2016
Commented: Zoltán Gillay on 4 Oct 2016
For example in the Hungarian language we use a letter ő. I need to use it in a gui but it shows question mark instead. Is there any way to have words with these special letters as text in a gui?

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Bert on 4 Oct 2016
You should use latex symbols (list can be found here). for example in a title:
a = title('\H{o}');
But the object is likely set to interpreter it as tex (not latex) and will not display it right. So change it:
It should work on objects other than titles as well.
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Zoltán Gillay
Zoltán Gillay on 4 Oct 2016
Sorry, I was not specific enough. I would like to do for example: set(handles.text1,'String','sutő') The problem there is no Interpreter property on the text UIControl class.

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