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I joined The MathWorks in the Technical Support department during the summer of 2001 and transferred into the Quality Engineering department in March of 2004. I now work qualifying the core MATLAB numerical functions (PLUS, MINUS, LU, FFT, ODE45, etc.) Professional Interests: mathematics, MATLAB For assistance with MATLAB question please post to MATLAB Answers or contact Technical Support using the Contact Us link in the upper-right corner of the page instead of contacting me directly.


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Scrolling Plot Demo
This is a demo demonstrating how to link an axis and a slider to enable scrolling of the axis.

mer än 15 år ago | 8 downloads |


Display the points used to integrate a function using QUAD

ungefär 17 år ago | 1 download |


GUI Examples using Nested Functions
These two examples demonstrate how to use nested functions to reduce parameter passing in GUIs.

ungefär 19 år ago | 1 download |


This function displays the IEEE double-precision representation of a double in MATLAB.

mer än 21 år ago | 2 downloads |


Vectorized FIND
This function returns the locations of the elements of a vector in a matrix.

mer än 22 år ago | 1 download |