Problem 44305. 5 Prime Numbers

Your function will be given lower and upper integer bounds. Your task is to return a vector containing the first five prime numbers in that range that contain the number five. But, if you can't find at least five such numbers, the function should give up and return -1.

For example, for n_min = 60 and n_max = 1000, the set of prime numbers is:

 p = [61,67,71,73,79, ... 149,151,157,163, ... 241,251,257,263, ... 349,353,359,367, ... 983,991,997]

This set contains at least five numbers that contain a five; the first five are:

 p5 = [151,157,251,257,353]

which is the set that your function should return in this case. If, however, n_max were set at 300, five such numbers do not exist and the function should then give up (return -1).

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