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Symbolic Math is reordering my subtraction

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Vincent Bell
Vincent Bell on 25 Feb 2021
Answered: Walter Roberson on 26 Feb 2021
I am using symbolic function to take the derivative. My funcitions are:
syms x_k(t) y_k(t) L
x_kD = diff(x_k,t)
y_kD = diff(y_k,t)
rRk = sqrt(x_k^2 + y_k^2)
rTk = sqrt(x_k^2 + (y_k-L)^2)
rRkD = simplify(diff(rRk,t))
rTkD = simplify(diff(rTk,t))
The problem is when you run the rRk term the syms math changes the order of subtraction around from y_k - L to L - y_k. This is throwing off the derivative as well where rTkD gets a minus sign in between the two terms in the numerator where is should be a positive. Is there a way to stop the switching of the subtraction in the variable of rTk and rTkD? Another thing that would be helpful is there a way to convert the time derivative that is output into the dot derivative form? Thank you in advance!

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 25 Feb 2021
Edited: John D'Errico on 25 Feb 2021
syms x_k(t) y_k(t) L
x_kD = diff(x_k,t)
x_kD(t) = 
y_kD = diff(y_k,t)
y_kD(t) = 
rRk = sqrt(x_k^2 + y_k^2)
rRk(t) = 
rTk = sqrt(x_k^2 + (y_k-L)^2)
rTk(t) = 
rRkD = simplify(diff(rRk,t))
rRkD(t) = 
rTkD = simplify(diff(rTk,t))
rTkD(t) = 
The swap in sign is irrelevant. This is true in mathematics:
a - b = - (b - a)
Well, it is true and always has been, unless something has changed in mathematics. However, you never know with the new math these days, and some boards of education.
As for a dot derivative form, MATLAB does not provide that form. It is purely a notational thing, so why do you feel you need it?
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 Feb 2021
Not only that, (a-b)^2 is a*a-a*b-b*a+b*b. (b-a)^2 is b*b-b*a-a*b+a*a. Same terms, different order.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Feb 2021
Livescript only, you can use __dot as part of the symbol name. However, you cannot get the rendered form to appear on the left side, and it will not be put in automatically.
syms x(t) x__dot(t) x__dot_ y(t) y__dot
x__dot_ = diff(x)
x__dot_(t) = 
y__dot_ = diff(y)
y__dot_(t) = 
y = x__dot_^2 - y__dot_^2
y(t) = 
subs(y, {x__dot_, y__dot_}, {x__dot, y__dot})
ans(t) = 
Notice the last line there has and that the looks nicer. But...
ans(t) = 
y disappeared, because (no ) is not considered to be a function of t. For computation purposes, you cannot have it both ways, displaying without the (t) but being computed on the same symbols as if (t) were present

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