how to convert Cell to string

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Sharen H
Sharen H on 6 Nov 2012
Suppose I have a cell
v = 'v' [576.5818] [3.0286] [576.9270]
'v' [576.5953] [3.1180] [576.8716]
'f' [ 56] [ 58] [ 52]
'f' [ 56] [ 58] [ 52]
and I want to convert this to a cell array using a format string for each
element:' %.5f' How can I do this? I tried the following approach, but I get an error:
f1 = @(x) sprintf(' %.5f',x);
cellfun(f1, num2cell(v),'UniformOutput', false)
i am getting an error as ???
Error using ==> sprintf
Function is not defined for 'cell' inputs.
Error in ==> @(x)sprintf(' %.5f',x)
Can any one help me thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 6 Nov 2012
Modify the command
cellfun(f1, num2cell(v),'UniformOutput', false)
cellfun(f1, v,'UniformOutput', false)
Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 6 Nov 2012
Edited: Matt Fig on 6 Nov 2012
That is what num2str does automatically...
cellfun(@(x) num2str(x,'%.5f'),v,'un',0)

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