Bar Graph that does not start from zero

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AG on 19 Jul 2012
Commented: Steven Lord on 20 Oct 2016
Is there a way to plot a bar graph that does not start from y=0 to its value. I want the bars to be shifted up during on the offset at the given time. For one of the bars instead of starting from y=0 to 5, I want it to start from y=3 to y=5. For example, I want to plot a sine function from 0 to 2*pi which has an offset of 3 (shifted up 3) using the bar graph function to show its amplitude over the time of the function. So essentially instead of starting from zero it will start at 3.
Is this possible in matlab or is there another way around it using some sort of bar graph.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Jul 2012
Yes, you can use the "baseline" property when you create the bar(); see

Knut on 20 Oct 2016
Edited: Knut on 20 Oct 2016
Google sent me here in the search for a "bipolar" bar graph. It is my understanding that the baseline property is global, while I (and the thread starter?) actually wants to have 2-element bar elements that start at some y value and end at another y value. Something ala this:
v = [1 3 -1; ...%bottom of each element
12 17 1]; %top of each element
[K,N] = size(v);
sq_x = [0; 1; 1; 0; 0];
sq_y = [0; 0; 1; 1; 0];
patch(sq_x*0.5 + (1:N)-0.25, sq_y .* diff(v) + v(1,:), 'b')
set(gca, 'XTick', 1:N)
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 Oct 2016
So you want something a bit closer to a boxplot from Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox or perhaps an errorbar plot?

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