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Programmatic use of openvar - stoping a function while openvar is open

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Tomy Duby
Tomy Duby on 23 Oct 2016
Commented: dasilvarosa on 5 Mar 2018
This is my question: While running a function, I would like the function to stop, open an array using openvar function, let the user examine / modify this array, close openvar and continue with the function. How can I make the function wait while the user had openvar open?
Thanks Tomy


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Answers (2)

Mark on 20 Mar 2017
Use openvar and then the keyboard command to go into debugging mode. Despite the other answer, this works perfectly fine in R2016b.
for T=1:5
disp('Type <a href="matlab:dbcont">dbcont</a> or press F5 to continue');

Gowtham Uma M Jaganathan
Gowtham Uma M Jaganathan on 27 Oct 2016
As I understand, you want the execution of code to pause till you complete editing the Variable Editor.
As of MATLAB R2016b the Variable Editor is updated after the execution of the script and hence, you cannot modify the values in the Variable Editor when the script is in executing state. Hence, you cannot pause the execution of the script and then change the values inside the Variable Editor.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Oct 2016
This answer implies that openvar cannot be meaningfully used in the debugger, since the script is paused while you are in the debugger and you state that openvar will not be updated until after the script executes. If so then this would be a change to openvar that would make openvar nearly useless.
Tomy Duby
Tomy Duby on 28 Oct 2016
I fully agree with Walter.
How can I ask Matworks to extend the functionality of openvar function?
Thanks Tomy

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