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hello every one ...i need program for clock..or for e.g need code to write clock

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my name is Masoud i study M.s mechanic engineer .i don't work for build clock but i use other code to Matlab... thank you for answer this question


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masoud mansouri
masoud mansouri on 2 Dec 2015
you put base information for E.g now the clock is 3.00 you start this time after than when you run code show me clock...use if and for
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Dec 2015
We don't know what you want. Specifically, you said you searched the File Exchange like John suggested but found nothing. But when I search it ( It brought up lots of clocks. Why don't any of them work? What about Thorsten's answer below, or Jan or Shameer's comments above using simple date and time strings and functions built into MATLAB? What's wrong with them?
masoud mansouri
masoud mansouri on 3 Dec 2015
@image analyst ...thank you yes...i wrong page open ...sorry..yes i find ...thanks....i now open and find them....thanks a very lot

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Thorsten on 2 Dec 2015
Edited: Thorsten on 2 Dec 2015
To show the current date and time, use
If you want to measure the time, you can use tic; toc or clock and etime, as explained in
help etime


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