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Command Window gone crazy ( scrolls on it's own )

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Dan on 14 May 2015
Edited: shahrouz Kabiri on 8 May 2018
My command window has lost its mind. It behaves normally but after I type some commands and get some output, the command window automatically scrolls up until I can't see what I just typed. The only way out is to type clc. But even that doesn't completely help.I tried typing "home" but that seems to have made things worse (I think it's now scrolling to a different position... or something).
How can I get back to normal? I checked all the Matlab preferences and... nuttin!
James Dols
James Dols on 23 Sep 2017
I'm having this same problem. Did you ever find a fix?
shahrouz Kabiri
shahrouz Kabiri on 8 May 2018
Edited: shahrouz Kabiri on 8 May 2018
the same problem here in mac osx, MATLAB R2015a it is really annoying, I can not see above lines in command window.
please help!

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Answers (11)

York Fang
York Fang on 20 Oct 2015
Have you tried Matlab--Preferences--Command Window and set the Number of lines in command window scroll buffer larger? I tried to change it from 5000 to 10000, and now the issue seems to be solved.
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George on 18 Jan 2016
I have the same issue on my Macbook Pro. Changing the buffer size of the command window did not make a difference. I assume it is still an unresolved problem?

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Dan on 14 May 2015
Had to restart Matlab. I think it's OK now.... weird!

Tatiana Lopez
Tatiana Lopez on 20 Jul 2015
Same issue here. It happens from time to time apparently without any cause. Restarting is the only solution, however this is very inconvenient! Is there any patch to solve this issue? Thanks
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yserra on 28 Sep 2015
I have also had this problem for awhile, maybe since R2013? I now run R2014b and it is still an issue once and awhile. I have to restart Matlab to get rid of it. I have not been able to figure out what causes it. I'm surprised there are not more comments about it since it is so annoying. Perhaps it is related to running this version of Matlab on Mac OS 10.10x?

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WCJHunter on 1 Mar 2016
Not sure if there is a permanent fix yet, but a fast solution is to clear the command window by (e.g., Command-k on Mac).

Barbara on 23 Mar 2016
I can add to this that it happens with Matlab 2009b as well, however, under Mac OS X Yosemite. I have not ever had that issue with my older system. Clear screen may help with the command line, but it affects the editor in my case. Restarting Matlab helps. Java issue? My colleague (scrolling of the command window, Yosemite) noticed, that Matlab tends to crash altogether soon after the scrolling issue starts.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Mar 2016
R2009b for OS-X was more based on X11, and less Java based. You would have needed to install XQuartz to run R2009b under Yosemite. You are getting near the limit of how old a MATLAB version you can use and run under Yosemite.

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Kryslar on 16 May 2016
The window is scrolling back to the position where your cursor is. Have the same issue in El Capitan. Could not find a way to turn it off.

Brendan Blanchard
Brendan Blanchard on 26 Apr 2017
I'll add a bump/complaint. I've also been having this issue from versions 2015B to 17A at least, maybe earlier too. I mainly use a Macbook Pro (constantly up-to-date OS over the past several years, with the ongoing problem...) but haven't seen this on Windows machines, though I haven't used them enough to be sure.
Restarting MatLab does fix it, but that's a workaround and not a solution...
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 27 Apr 2017
I recommend you contact Technical Support and work with them to determine the circumstances under which this behavior occurs.

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Rafael Tavares
Rafael Tavares on 19 May 2017
same issue here, I just change de command buffer.
Let's see,
Regards from Germany

Michael Rollins
Michael Rollins on 5 Jun 2017
I experience the same issue, running MATLAB 2017A on macOS Sierra (10.12.5). Clearing the command line code (clc) does the trick in the short term.
To add to the depth of the issue, automated scrolling has also occurred in my script window, scrolling to a particular range of code lines even if I move the cursor or change the focus to another open script. For those in the same boat, closing and reopening the script was enough to fix it for now.
I'm sure this is a low priority bug, as it merely causes an inconvenience, but I sure hope it gets addressed soon!
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 5 Jun 2017
I recommend you contact Technical Support and work with them to determine the circumstances under which this behavior occurs.

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Xiaochun Xu
Xiaochun Xu on 7 Jun 2017
I had the same problem, running MATLAB 2015a on Yosemite (10.10.5). Usually it happens when the RAM is busy (if I quit some apps, it might recover). Closing Matlab did help. I tried clc, it does not work for me. I realized today that if I close the tab of script, it helps as well. I guess this is the most convenient way without losing all the data.

Sandor Toth
Sandor Toth on 19 Sep 2017
I have the same problem (MATLAB R2017a, OSX 10.12.6). Had this issue time to time and the only fix is to restart MATLAB.


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