Incorrect Inputformat for datetime function

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Steve on 9 Nov 2022
Moved: Rik on 10 Nov 2022
I have the following code:0
DateStrings = {'2022-11-08T17:20:00Z'};
t = datetime(DateStrings,'InputFormat','yyyy-MM-dd''T''HH:mm:ss','TimeZone','UTC');
That gives me the following error
Unable to convert '2022-11-08T17:20:00Z' to datetime using the format 'yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'.
Any idea why?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Nov 2022
Moved: Rik on 10 Nov 2022
the ''T'' inside the InputFormat is the syntax for datetime() to indicate that there is a literal T in the string -- that datetime() should not try to interpret the T as a format code and should match it literally instead.
Actual problem: the user did not put in a format code to match the Z

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Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 9 Nov 2022
If I look at the documentation for the Format property on the datetime documentation page, two of the "Examples of Common Formats" look similar to your date and time data.
'MMMM d, yyyy HH:mm:ss Z' April 9, 2014 21:41:06 -0400
'yyyy-MM-dd''T''HH:mmXXX' 2014-04-09T21:41-04:00
So let's combine them and see what happens. I added the Z from the first of those examples to the end of the format you'd specified in your original code and it seems to have worked.
DateStrings = {'2022-11-08T17:20:00Z'};
t = datetime(DateStrings,'InputFormat','yyyy-MM-dd''T''HH:mm:ssZ','TimeZone','UTC')
t = datetime
08-Nov-2022 17:20:00


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