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Extended pseudocolor matrix scaling


    wcodemat rescales an input matrix to a specified range for display. If the specified range is the full range of the current colormap, wcodemat is similar in behavior to imagesc.

    y = wcodemat(x) rescales the matrix x as integers in the range [1,16].


    y = wcodemat(x,nbcodes) rescales x as integers in the range [1,nbcodes].

    y = wcodemat(x,nbcodes,opt) rescales x along the dimension specified by opt.

    y = wcodemat(x,nbcodes,opt,absol) rescales X based on the absolute values of the entries in x if absol is nonzero, or based on the signed values of x if absol is equal to zero.


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    Load an image.

    load woman

    Obtain the range of the colormap.

    NBCOL = size(map,1)
    NBCOL = 255

    Obtain the single-level discrete wavelet transform of the image using the Haar wavelet.

    [cA1,cH1,cV1,cD1] = dwt2(X,"db1");

    Scale the level-one approximation coefficients globally to the full range of the colormap.

    cA1scaled = wcodemat(cA1,NBCOL);

    Display the approximation coefficients without scaling and with scaling.

    title("Unscaled Image")

    title("Scaled Image")

    Display histograms of the unscaled and scaled approximation coefficients.


    Input Arguments

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    Input, specified as a matrix.

    Data Types: double

    Upper bound of range to rescale x as integers, specified as a positive integer.

    Data Types: double

    Dimension along which to rescale the matrix, specified as one of the following:

    • "mat" or "m" — rescale x globally

    • "column" or "c" — rescale x column-wise

    • "row" or "r" — rescale x row-wise

    Data Types: string

    Rescale basis, specified as a scalar. If absol is nonzero, wcodemat rescales x based on the absolute values of the elements of x. If absol is equal to zero, wcodemat rescales x based on the signed values of the elements of x.

    Data Types: double

    Version History

    Introduced before R2006a

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