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Determine world coordinates of image points

Since R2022b



    worldPoints = img2world2d(imagePoints,tform,intrinsics) maps undistorted image points imagePoints, onto points on the X-Y plane in world coordinates worldPoints, using the rigid transformation tform.


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    Map the points of a fisheye image to world coordinates and compare these points to the ground truth points. A series of checkerboard pattern images are used to estimate the fisheye parameters and calibrate the camera.

    Load a set of checkerboard calibration images.

    images = imageDatastore(fullfile(toolboxdir("vision"),"visiondata" ,...

    Detect the checkerboard corners in the images. Leave the last image for testing.

    [imagePoints,boardSize] = detectCheckerboardPoints(images.Files(1:end-1));

    Generate the world coordinates of the checkerboard corners in the pattern-centric coordinate system, with the upper-left corner at (0,0).

    squareSize = 29; % millimeters
    worldPoints = generateCheckerboardPoints(boardSize,squareSize);

    Estimate the fisheye camera parameters from the image and world points. Use the first image to get image size.

    I = imread(images.Files{end}); 
    imageSize = [size(I,1) size(I,2)];
    fisheyeParams = estimateFisheyeParameters(imagePoints,worldPoints,imageSize);
    intrinsics = fisheyeParams.Intrinsics;

    Find the reference object in the new image.

    imagePoints = detectCheckerboardPoints(I,PartialDetections=false);

    Calculate new extrinsics.

    camExtrinsics = estimateExtrinsics(imagePoints,worldPoints,intrinsics);

    Map image points to world coordinates in the X-Y plane.

    newWorldPoints = img2world2d(imagePoints,camExtrinsics,intrinsics);

    Compare estimated world points to the ground truth points.

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    legend("Ground Truth","Estimates");
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    Input Arguments

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    Image points, specified as an M-by-2 matrix containing M [x, y] coordinates of image points.

    When you specify the cameraParams argument as a cameraIntrinsics object, img2world2d does not account for lens distortion. Therefore, the imagePoints input must contain image points detected in the undistorted image, or they must be undistorted using the undistortPoints function. For a fisheyeIntrinsics object, the image points are distorted.

    Transformation of the camera in world coordinates, specified as a rigidtform3d object.

    Camera intrinsics, specified as a cameraIntrinsics, fisheyeIntrinsics, or a cameraIntrinsicsKB object. The object stores information about a camera’s intrinsic calibration parameters, including the lens distortion parameters.

    Output Arguments

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    World coordinates, returned as an M-by-2 matrix. M represents the number of undistorted points in [x, y] world coordinates.

    Extended Capabilities

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b

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