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Object for storing intrinsic fisheye camera parameters


The fisheyeIntrinsics object stores the camera intrinsics for a fisheye camera. See fisheyeParameters for details on other fisheye parameters.




intrinsics = fisheyeIntrinsics(mappingCoeffs,imageSize,distortionCenter) returns a fisheyeIntrinsics object with the specified [a0 a2 a3 a4] polynomial coefficients, image size, and center of distortion. These input arguments are assigned directly to the corresponding properties of the object. See fisheyeParameters for more details.

intrinsics = fisheyeIntrinsics(___,stretchMatrix) additionally specifies a 2-by-2 transformation matrix that describes the alignment between the sensor plane and the image plane. The default value is an identity matrix.


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Polynomial coefficients for the projection function described by Scaramuzza's Taylor model, specified as an [a0 a2 a3 a4] vector.

Center of distortion in pixels, specified as a [cx cy] vector.

Transformation from the sensor plane to a pixel in the camera image plane, specified as a 2-by-2 transformation matrix. This misalignment is caused by the lens not being parallel to the sensor and by the digitization process.

Image size, specified as an [mrows ncols] vector.

Object Functions

pointsToWorldDetermine world coordinates of image points
worldToImageProject world points into image


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Specify the mapping coefficients, image size, and distortion center parameters of a fisheyeIntrinsics object. Ignore optical axis misalignment.

mappingCoeffs = [880 -3e-4 0 0];    % mapping polynomial coefficients
imageSize = [1500 2000];            % in [mrows ncols]
distortionCenter = [1000 750];      % in pixels

intrinsics = fisheyeIntrinsics(mappingCoeffs,imageSize,distortionCenter);


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[2] Urban, S., J. Leitloff, and S. Hinz. "Improved Wide-Angle, Fisheye and Omnidirectional Camera Calibration." ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remove Sensing. Vol. 108, 2015, pp.72–79.

Introduced in R2017b