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Visualize Data

Use MATLAB® add-on toolboxes to visualize your data

See your data using MATLAB add-on toolboxes. Visualize a histogram, boxplot, or map of your data.


Plot a Histogram with a Distribution Fit

This example shows how to fit a distribution to data in a ThingSpeak™ channel.

Visualize Wind Speed as a Function of Ambient Temperature and Pressure

This example shows how to visualize the variation of wind speed as a function of ambient air temperature and pressure using Curve Fitting Toolbox™.

Visualize Abrupt Changes in Signals

This example shows how to determine changes or breakouts in signals using change-point detection.

Visualize Path Traversed in Vector Maps

This example shows how to visualize latitude and longitude data in your ThingSpeak™ channel feed on a map.

Visualize Simple Moving Average of Your Data

This example shows how to calculate the simple moving average of a stock price over time and visualize the results.

Plot the MACD Indicator

This example shows how to construct a timetable and plot the moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) indicator.

Create a Candle Plot with Customized Date Axis

This example shows how to generate a candle plot with a customized date axis for the end of the most recent full business day.

Plot Data Read from ThingSpeak Channel

Read and Plot ThingSpeak Data

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