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Create Block Masks

Create customized appearance, create user–defined interface, encapsulate logic, and hide data for subsystems and custom blocks

Simulink® enables you to create block masks. A mask is a custom user interface for a block.

By masking a block you encapsulate the block diagram to have its own parameter dialog box with its own block description, parameter prompts, and help texts.

You can mask an independent custom block that you can reuse as unique blocks like those defined in Simulink.

To know about creating a block mask, see Create a Simple Mask.


Simulink.MaskControl masks programmatically
Simulink.Mask.ConstraintsCreate mask parameter constraint
Simulink.Mask.PortConstraintsCreate mask port constraints programmatically
Simulink.Mask.ParameterConditionCreate mask parameter conditions
Simulink.Mask.PortConstraintRuleCreate instance of Simulink.Mask.PortConstraintRule to define rules of port constraint
Simulink.Mask.PortIdentifierCreate port identifiers to identify ports of block in mask object
Simulink.Mask.CrossPortConstraintsCreates cross-port constraint among ports of the same masked block
Simulink.Mask.SharedConstraintFileConstraints that needs to be saved in an XML file
Simulink.MaskParameterControl mask parameters programmatically
Simulink.Mask.EnumerationBaseDerive an enumeration class to hold numeric values of any datatype
Simulink.Mask.EnumerationTypeOptionsParse information from enumeration file derived from Simulink.IntEnumType and Simulink.Mask.EnumerationBase
Simulink.dialog.ControlCreate instance of dialog control
Simulink.dialog.parameter.CustomTableCreate custom tables programmatically
Simulink.dialog.ListboxControlControl list box programmatically
Simulink.dialog.TreeControlControl Tree control programmatically
Simulink.dialog.LookupTableControlControl mask lookup tables programmatically
Simulink.dialog.LookupTableControl.TableControl table data for mask lookup table
Simulink.dialog.LookupTableControl.BreakpointsControl breakpoint data set for mask lookup table


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