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Move RF PCB shape to new location

Since R2021b



c = translate(shape,offset) moves the shape to a new specified location using a translation vector.


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Create a shape consisting of a curve and a right angle U-bend.

shape1 = curve;
shape2 = ubendRightAngle(Length=[5 18 5]*1e-3,ReferencePoint=[0 -5]*1e-3);
shapeSum = shape1+shape2;

Display the shape.


Specify a translation vector, then translate the shape in the X-Y plane. Display the result.

t = [9 3 0]*1e-3;
shapeTrans = translate(shapeSum,t);

Input Arguments

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RF PCB shape created using custom elements and shape objects of RF PCB Toolbox™, specified as an object.

Example: shape = bendCurved; specifies the shape as a bendCurved object.

Translation vector, specified as a vector.

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2021b