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Boolean unite operation on two RF PCB shapes

Since R2021b



c = add(shape1,shape2) unites shape1 and shape2 using the add operation. You can also use the + symbol to add the two shapes together.


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Create a curved bend shape with a length of 5 mm.

bend = bendCurved(Length=[5e-3 5e-3]);

Create an annular ring shape with the default inner radius of 5 m.

ring = ringAnnular;

Add the two shapes and display the result.

shapeSum = add(bend,ring);

Create the default curve shape.

shape1 = curve;

Create a right angle U-bend shape with an adjusted size and position to complement the curve shape.

shape2 = ubendRightAngle;

Add the two shapes using the + operator, and display the resulting Polygon object.

shapeSum = shape1+shape2
shapeSum = 
  Polygon with properties:

        Name: 'mypolygon'
    Vertices: [43x3 double]


Input Arguments

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First shape created using custom elements and shape objects of RF PCB Toolbox™, specified as an object.

Example: shape1 = bendCurved; specifies the first shape as a bendCurved object.

Second shape created using custom elements and shape objects of RF PCB Toolbox, specified as an object.

Example: shape2 = ringAnnular; specifies the second shape as a ringAnnular object.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b