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Search Modelithics component of interest

Since R2023a


    search(lobj,substrate) displays a window with two tabs. The first tab Search Results displays a list of all components in Modelithics SELECT+ Library™ components with a substrate substrate. The second tab Substrate lists all the substrates available in Modelithics SELECT+ Library.


    This function requires a Modelithics SELECT+ Library license.


    search(lobj,substrate,Name=Value) specifies additional search criteria using name-value arguments. You can narrow down your component search by vendor name, type of passive component, and the value of the passive component.


    pobj = search(___) returns an array of mdlxPart object.


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    Set up Modelithics SELECT+ Library™.


    Create a new Modelithics library object related to the library you set up.

    mdlx = mdlxLibrary;

    Search the library for a component that you can mount on the Rogers4350B4mil substrate with the vendor name ATC.


    search-mdlx.png search-substrate.png

    The ATC 600S capacitor on a 4 mil Roger 4350B substrate fits the search criteria. Create a Modelithics component object that matches these characteristics.

    pobj = mdlxPart(mdlx,'600S','Capacitors','ATC','Rogers4350B4mil',Value=1.2e-12);

    Create a circuit named C_ATC_600S_Rogers4350B4mil.

    hckt = circuit('C_ATC_600S_Rogers4350B4mil')


    Add the Modelithics component to the circuit.

    add(hckt,[1 2],pobj);

    Set the ports of the circuit.

    setports(hckt, [1 0],[2 0]);

    Display the Modelithics component.



    Calculate the S-parameters of the circuit.

    S = sparameters(hckt,freq);

    Plot the S-parameters characteristics.



    Set up Modelithics SELECT+ Library™ path.


    Create a new Modelithics library object with the Modelithics library set by the mdlxSetup object.

    mdlx = mdlxLibrary;

    Search for capacitors mounted on an Alumina10mil substrate.



    Narrow down your search by setting the capacitance to 10 pF and the vendor name to ATC.

    search(mdlx,'Alumina10mil',Type='Capacitors', Value=10e-12, Vendor='ATC')


    Create an array of mdlxPart that matches the search criteria.

    pobj = search(mdlx,'Alumina10mil',Type='Capacitors', Value=10e-12, Vendor='ATC');

    Add the Modelithics component object to a circuit and compute and plot the S-parameters of the circuit.

    freq = linspace(0.05e9,20e9,500);
        for i = 1:length(pobj)
            ckt = circuit('example_circuit');
            setports(ckt,[1 0],[2 0]);
            Sobj = sparameters(ckt,freq);
            title([pobj(i).Vendor ' ' pobj(i).PartNumber ' ' ...
            pobj(i).Type ' = ' num2str(pobj(i).Value) ' on ' ...


    Input Arguments

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    Modelithics® library object, specified as a mdlxLibrary object.

    Name of the substrate in the Modelithics SELECT+ Library, specified as a string or character array.

    Name-Value Arguments

    Specify optional pairs of arguments as Name1=Value1,...,NameN=ValueN, where Name is the argument name and Value is the corresponding value. Name-value arguments must appear after other arguments, but the order of the pairs does not matter.

    Before R2021a, use commas to separate each name and value, and enclose Name in quotes.

    Example: search(mdlx,'Rogers4350B4mil',Vendor='ATC')

    Vendor name of the Modelithics component, specified either as a string or character vector.

    Example: Vendor='ATC'

    Type of passive components, specified as either Capacitors, Inductors, or Resistors.

    Example: Type='Resisitors'

    Value of the passive components, specified as a positive real scalar. You can specify the capacitance, inductance, and resistance values in farads, henries, or ohms, respectively.


    To search a component by its value, specify the Value argument with the Type argument.

    Example: Type='Capacitors',Value=1e-12

    Output Arguments

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    Modelithics component object, returned as an array of mdlxPart object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023a