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Install Polyspace Access for Web Reviews

Install and configure the Polyspace® Access™ services

Polyspace Access provides a web browser interface to Polyspace analysis results. When you install Polyspace Access, you configure a set of services that enable you to:

  • Authenticate user logins against your company Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). You can also authenticate users by using the Polyspace Access User Manager internal directory.

  • Upload and manage results on a centralized database. You can interact with the database from the command-line or a Polyspace desktop user interface.

  • Integrate your bug tracking tool (BTT) with Polyspace Access.

The installation of Polyspace Access is supported on:

DOS/UNIX Commands

admin-docker-agent(DOS/UNIX) Launch Cluster Admin interface to manage User Manager, Issue Tracker, and Polyspace Access Apps


Before You Install


After You Install