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Mix Analog and Digital Signals

Combine analog circuit behaviors with digital models to create more detailed representations of electronic systems

In electronic systems that combine analog processing with logic gates, several parameters are essential to the overall behavior of the system. These parameters include the finite slew rate of circuit output signals, the propagation delay of signals, and the exact decision threshold of circuit inputs. Add blocks to your model to include these effects in time domain simulations of the system.


Linear Circuit WizardGenerate or modify linear circuit
Slew RateModel amplitude, rise and fall times, and propagation delay of logic gates
Logic DecisionThreshold crossing detector at input to binary process
Operational AmplifierModel operational amplifier with two or more poles
Variable Pulse DelayDelay samples by controlled, continuously variable amount
Lowpass ResamplerConvert signal from one sample time to another
Binary Vector ConversionConvert scalar integer to binary logic vector and vice versa
Clock GeneratorGenerate clock signal with one or more phases
Signal SamplerSample incoming signal at the edge of incoming clock


lowpassResampleConvert signal from one sample time to another
tr0ReaderConverts transient analysis simulation results from Synopsys to CSV file or MATLAB table