Video and Webinar Series

Using MATLAB in Finance 2020

The greatest hits of 2020 webinars demonstrate the breadth and depth of finance capabilities provided by MATLAB®. Topics include: Explainability in the Age of Regulation, The Current State of AI Modeling in Finance, What’s New in MATLAB for Finance, Advanced Software Development Techniques, MATLAB and Python Integration, and Deploying MATLAB Models to the Web and Production.

What's New in MATLAB for Finance Professionals Learn about new tools in MATLAB that quants and data scientists can use to preprocess and analyze data, write scripts and algorithms, build apps, and leverage team-based software development.

Advanced Software Development Techniques for Finance Produce more robust and easily shareable code for finance applications using MATLAB.

Explainability in the Age of Regulation In this session, we will provide insight on how to build artificial intelligence models quickly, keeping transparency, scalability, and model risk management at the heart of the discussion.

Integrating Python with MATLAB Financial engineers using Python have challenges when building dashboards, creating parallel applications, or implementing deep learning. See how to overcome these challenges by using Python with MATLAB.

Deploying MATLAB Models to Web and Production for Finance Join application engineer Steve Notley as he demonstrates how to deploy MATLAB models to web and production environments using examples relevant to finance.

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