Design 3D scenes for automated driving simulation

Road and 3D Scene Modeling 

Create realistic, complex, interconnected road networks consisting of intersections, bridges, roundabouts, turnouts, and road markings.

OpenDRIVE Support

Import, visualize, and export ASAM OpenDRIVE 1.4, OpenDRIVE 1.5, and OpenDRIVE 1.6.

Functional Road Networks and Traffic Signals

Design realistic intersections with traffic signals that are ready to use in simulation environments. Edit signal phases and timing with the integrated signal timeline and interactive viewport controls.

GIS and SD Map Import 

Build 3D scenes with real locations by importing aerial imagery, elevation data, lidar point clouds, and roadmaps to accurately represent physical locations in RoadRunner.

SD map import includes support for OpenStreetMap®and Zenrin Japan Map API 3.0 (Itsumo NAVI API 3.0).

Prebuilt and Customizable Assets and Signs

Build RoadRunner scenes with a library of 3D models in RoadRunner Asset Library. Create and place customizable and region-specific road signs, barriers, signs, posts, lights, and other road furniture.

Export to Simulators

RoadRunner scenes export to a variety of simulators and gaming engines, including CARLA, aiSim, Vires VTD, NVIDIA DRIVE Sim, Cognata, rFpro, Baidu Apollo, Unity, and Unreal Engine. Export scenes created in RoadRunner to industry standard formats, including OpenDRIVE, FBX, glTF, OpenFlight, OpenSceneGraph, OBJ, and USD.

Templates and Scene Merge

Create scene asset templates from existing and selected scenes, and merge multiple scenes for editing.

Programmatic Interfaces

Import and export scenes using MATLAB functions or a gRPC® API.

OpenCRG Import, Creation, and Export

Import, visualize, and export OpenCRGs from and to OpenDRIVE. Create synthetic CRGs and add noise, speedbumps, and potholes.

RoadRunner Product Family

RoadRunner is an interactive editor that lets you design 3D scenes for simulating and testing automated driving systems. RoadRunner provides tools for setting and configuring traffic signal timing, phases, and vehicle paths at intersections.


Design 3D scenes for automated driving simulation

RoadRunner Asset Library

Populate RoadRunner scenes with a library of 3D models

RoadRunner Scenario

Create and play back scenarios for automated driving simulation

RoadRunner Scene Builder

Automatically generate 3D road models from HD maps

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Free RoadRunner Tutorial

Learn the basics of designing 3D road scenes for simulating and testing automated driving applications.

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