Motor Control Blockset


Motor Control Blockset

Design and implement motor control algorithms

Reference Applications

Reference applications to aid design and implementation of motor control algorithms

Product Highlights

Model Motor Control Systems

Design algorithms with blocks optimized for C and HDL code generation. For faster closed-loop simulations use linear lumped motors and average value inverters. To incorporate nonlinearities and switching effects, use higher fidelity motor and inverter models with Simscape Electrical.

Parameterize Motors

To capture motor dynamics and facilitate motor control design, parameterize your motor by estimating motor parameters with the help of parameter estimation blocks or by importing your motor's finite element analysis (FEA) data. Investigate motor control trajectories using characteristic plots that help identify operational boundaries for PMSM control.

Implement Motor Control Algorithms

Jumpstart your motor control development with prebuilt reference examples. Use these examples to quickly test and verify your motor control algorithms in closed-loop simulation. Then, reuse the same examples to directly generate and deploy embedded code on supported hardware kits. Test the algorithms on your motor hardware by controlling the target processor from Simulink on your host machine.

Analyze and Tune Controllers

Estimate and examine time and frequency domain characteristics by computing and plotting motor control system responses with Simulink Control Design. Use the Field Oriented Control Autotuner block for autotuning PI controller gains to achieve required bandwidth and phase margins. Explore control strategies like gain scheduling and lookup table-based control to further improve performance.

Test in Real Time

­Perform rapid control prototyping (RCP) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests on real-time systems before performing physical tests on the motor. Validate control algorithms using HIL-compatible linear motor models and preconfigured reference examples with Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat hardware.

Generate, Deploy, and Profile Code

Generate compact floating- or fixed-point code directly from your motor control algorithms and assess code performance with real-time execution profiling. For supported hardware kits, use the reference examples to enable quick and automatic deployment. Alternatively, when targeting custom motor control hardware, follow the algorithm export example to integrate and deploy  your generated code with your driver code.

Hardware-Specific Code Generation

Explore motor control reference examples with quick and automatic deployment to supported microcontrollers, real-time systems, and FPGA hardware kits. Click the link below to learn more about supported hardware.

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