Universal Robots—Cobots

Connect and control Universal Robots UR Series manipulators using MATLAB and Simulink


  • Connect with Universal Robots UR series robots to test and validate your algorithms.
  • Acquire various sensor data from UR series robots and external sensors and apply sensor fusion techniques
  • Support for building autonomous cobot applications with machine learning, deep learning and computer vision, using MATLAB add-on products
  • Option to generate and deploy code onto embedded targets connected to your Cobot, such as Nvidia Jetson


Universal Robots produces collaborative robotic arms that are designed to work alongside humans in various industries. Their robots, known as cobots, are versatile, easy to program, and can perform tasks like assembly, material handling, and quality inspection. These cobots come in different models with varying payload capacities, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Universal Robots' products are known for their safety features, flexibility, and user-friendly interface, making automation accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Using Robotics System Toolbox from MathWorks, engineers can design, simulate, test and deploy their MATLAB-based cobot applications onto UR series manipulators. In addition, with MATLAB add-on products, such as Computer Vision Toolbox and Deep Learning Toolbox, the workflow is especially well suited to specialized cobot applications, including applications that involve machine learning or deep learning, computer vision, optimization, sensor fusion, or advanced signal processing.

After developing your UR application with MATLAB, you can verify it by connecting to URSim or deploying algorithms directly on UR series robots using ROS Toolbox and MATLAB Coder™.

The Robotics System Toolbox Support Package for Universal Robots UR Series Manipulators allows you to connect with UR Cobots to test and validate your algorithms.


Universal Robots

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