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muhammet balcilar

Mines ParisTech

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Post Doc researcher at Robotics Lab, Mines ParisTech. Currently working on Robotic Vision and visual SLAM algorithm.


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Stereo Calibration of two cameras with different camera resolutions
Yes, it is still problem to calibrate different resolution camera for stereo vision system. I had the same difficulties. However...

ungefär 5 år ago | 0

pcregistericp and pcregisterndt not found.
use pcregrigid one. they are the same

mer än 5 år ago | 0

Does NI-DAQ support standalone deployment?
i had the same problem and i didnot solve with Matla2015, but i solved with using Matlab2014a. But Matlab 2014a had an other pro...

nästan 8 år ago | 1

Is it possible to use an NI USB-6002 using the Data Acquisition Toolbox only (error NI Error -200452)?
here is the the solution

nästan 8 år ago | 0