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Times 2 - START HERE
Try out this test problem first. Given the variable x as your input, multiply it by two and put the result in y. Examples:...

nästan 3 år ago


Find the Oldest Person in a Room
Given two input vectors: * |name| - user last names * |age| - corresponding age of the person Return the name of the ol...

nästan 3 år ago


Convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius
Given an input vector |F| containing temperature values in Fahrenheit, return an output vector |C| that contains the values in C...

nästan 3 år ago

How to export a figure in Live Script?
Thank you Sindar! I used your first suggestion print(gcf,'-dpng','picture.png') within the Live Script Environment, and th...

ungefär 3 år ago | 0

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How to export a figure in Live Script?
I am attempting to use the command: saveas(gcf,'picture.png') to save a figure from a Live Script. But to no success. An im...

ungefär 3 år ago | 2 answers | 0



Change the font used for codes in Live Editor?
Yes, having the ability to change the font size and font type of the Live Editor window would be welcome feature in future relea...

ungefär 4 år ago | 3


Generate N equally spaced intervals between -L and L
Given N and L, return a list of numbers (in ascending order) that divides the interval [-L L] into N equal-length segments. F...

nästan 6 år ago

fetching data from yahoo
I first encountered this problem back in April 2017. I used the Matlab fix mentioned above and it resolved the problem. Howeve...

mer än 6 år ago | 0