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Change the font used for codes in Live Editor?

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I set the font used to display codes in settings, and it works for the normal editor and command window. However, it does not modify the fonts used in Live Editor. Is there a way to change that as of R2017b? Thanks!!

Accepted Answer

Amy on 11 Dec 2017
Hi there,
Unfortunately as of R2017b, the Live Editor does not honor changes to font preferences, so it is not possible to change the font.
This feature might be added in an upcoming release, but for now, as a workaround, you can change just the font size by using browser-zoom (Ctrl-plus and Ctrl-minus, or Ctrl-mousewheel) to zoom in on the Live Editor.

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free5721 on 26 Oct 2019
Yes, having the ability to change the font size and font type of the Live Editor window would be welcome feature in future releases for my old eyes.


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