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how to give coordinate with different size of circles.
for idx=1:length(lake) px = lake(idx,1)-lake(idx,3); py = lake(idx,2)-lake(idx,3); d = lake(idx,3)*...

ungefär 5 år ago | 0

How to set manual values for colorbar
Let's assume the max value is 128 and your data is in a matrix X. I'm going to modify a demo file of earth to have values greate...

ungefär 5 år ago | 0

I am getting NaN as answer in the code, can please give me some advice
inv(A) generates a matrix of inf's, B contains 0's, inf*0 = NaN

ungefär 5 år ago | 0

Help storing for loop iterations
You do not need to increment i in the for loops, it's incremented automatically. Q_bar is 3x3 and strain 3x1, this is the dim...

ungefär 5 år ago | 0

What does it mean when ~ is used as one of the outputs for a function?
It indicates that you are not using that output variable. [FX,FY] = gradient(F) Let's say you wanted the FY variable but n...

ungefär 5 år ago | 2

Help aligning two vectors with one centred on zero.
How about this, it should allow the location of 0 in x1 to change and the number of values in set x1 to be variable as well. ...

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How to rediagonalize the diagonal of a matrix?
Hi Paul, You are over writing the matrix V1, therefore you are not summing values from the original matrix. Use a temporary vari...

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How to segment data using overlapping window
It was not clear to me how/where you wanted the overlap. Below is my quick stab at what I think you might be looking for. It is ...

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