I am getting NaN as answer in the code, can please give me some advice

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I have attached the code in a comment , if you guys have any advice thank you
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alberto ortiz
alberto ortiz on 28 Oct 2016
Edited: alberto ortiz on 28 Oct 2016
yes I solved by A=zeros(239,239) and B=zeros(239,1) ,,, I am getting all the temperatures for the nodes, yet when I tried to plot it in using the code attached it tells me that index exceeds matrix dimension , any advice ? and thank you very much

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Oct 2016
What is your line
intended to mean?
I suspect you want
T_new=T(1:182, [T_1,183:207,T_1,200:216,T_2,217:233,T_2])
Note: your T_1 and T_2 are empty. You assigned them on the line above with
which should probably be
T_1=t_i*ones(1, 8);
T_2=t_i*ones(1, 16);
alberto ortiz
alberto ortiz on 30 Oct 2016
Thank you , now T_new has the nodes for the fluid temperature and how should I add the previous matrix T so is all a matrix (33 by 9) with T and the four T_new?

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LauraLee Austin
LauraLee Austin on 28 Oct 2016
inv(A) generates a matrix of inf's, B contains 0's, inf*0 = NaN

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