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Find the numeric mean of the prime numbers in a matrix.
There will always be at least one prime in the matrix. Example: Input in = [ 8 3 5 9 ] Output out is 4...

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I get an error, what's wrong? on Sparse matrix logic and answer
function matrix = sparse2matrix(cellvec) jj = cell2mat(cellvec); m = jj(3)*ones(jj(1,[1,2])); n = 4; while n<=length(jj) ...

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Remove all the consonants
Remove all the consonants in the given phrase. Example: Input s1 = 'Jack and Jill went up the hill'; Output s2 is 'a ...

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Select every other element of a vector
Write a function which returns every other element of the vector passed in. That is, it returns the all odd-numbered elements, s...

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