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How can blur an image
can someone help me to figure out what is wrong in this code? function output = blur(img,w) B=double(img); [m,n] = size(...

nästan 5 år ago | 0

how to find the element which is greater than or equal to its row and smaller or equal to its column in a matrix
I hope this answer is helpful to you. function indices = saddle(M) [m,n]=size(M); a=[]; for i=1:m for j=1:n if...

nästan 5 år ago | 1

I get an error, what's wrong? on Sparse matrix logic and answer
can you tell me what is wrong in this answer? function matrix = sparse2matrix(a) e=length(a); b=rand(a{1,1}); [m,n]=size(b);...

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Write a function called max_sum that takes v, a row vector of numbers, and n, a positive integer as inputs. The function needs to find the n consecutive elements of v whose sum is the largest possible.
function [summa,index]=max_sum(a,b) n=length(a); summa=0; total=0; if b>n summa=0; index=-1; return end for...

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