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MATLAB Schemer


by Scott Lowe

Apply and save color schemes in MATLAB with ease.

A code-browser GUI tool for Matlab

FileStructure viewer, Store Bookmarks, Custom KeyBoard Hotkeys, Live Templates, Navigation History

A toolbox for developing custom toolboxes in MATLAB.

A command-line project manager for MATLAB

Build application layout with responsive graphical user interface.



by Jay H

Simple Matlab package management (mpm), inspired by pip



by Lorenzo C.

A session manager (also with User Interface) saving working directory, path and editor files.

Save folder structure in a file, select run file, run selected file regardless to editing file.

Displays Methods and Functions of an m-file in a Tree View Control in the Notepad++ IDE



by Michele Scalseggi

Browse easily through MATLAB files and folders

Recursively print/display hierarchical outline of structure contents

Generate and display dependency tree with a highlight

Extends the editor features. Closing brackets, Operator. Templates, Keyboard Shortcuts



by per isakson

tracer4m traces calls to methods and functions.

Tools for the creation, storage, and use of templates for code that you use frequently.

MATLAB/Simulink integration for the source control management tool Mercurial

This is a Simulink Model to Control a Robotic Arm By Gestures that are captured using Kinect Sensor.

Saves and loads Matlab "projects" in editor (currently-open files, working directory, search path).

new m-file with dynamical/documented header acting as the usual "new file" matlab desktop shortcut

List-view all functions in your '.m' code in [Notepad++] IDE



by Brett Shoelson

Evaluates dependencies for a function, INCLUDING loaded files, icons, images, etc.


version 1.2

by Adam Danz

Search command history within and across Matlab sessions

A modular, plug-play application to check for static quality of m-scripts/functions.

IDE for Control Design and System Simulation

Allows the user to transfer your search path from an old MATLAB release to a new release

Save current editor files, can be used to easily reopen all files from a previous project/session.

Opens a variable in the Variables Editor (grabs focus if open) and scrolls to position.

Save, load and manage sets of files and layout used in the Matlab Editor.

A text editor with highlight syntaxing

Missing command-line project manager for MATLAB.

Automated dependency injector class that works by inspecting constructor arguments.



by Magnus

Dumps all variables from current scope into base scope

Visualize the dependency graph of variables in the entire MATLAB project with Graphviz

EditorMacro assigns a macro or action to requested key-binding in the Matlab Editor & Command Window

Save editor content and create a 'restore'-function

Restores search path and reopens editor files for selected folder/project during startup/restart

Develop and debug Matlab mex-files using Visual Studio 2010 and its compilator.

ftoc (v1.2)


by Kenneth Eaton

Creates a table of contents of functions contained in an m-file