Problem 43673. String Array Basics, Part 4: Convert String Array with Missing Values to Cell Array

String array and cell array are two types of containers for storing pieces of data. In this problem, you will be given a string array of text data. Your job is to convert the string array to a cell array of character vectors, which stores the same pieces of text data.

The Part 2 assuming no missing values in the input string array is a good starting point. In this problem, the missing values for string arrays, denoted < missing >, need to be converted to the missing values for cell arrays, denoted {''} (i.e., cell of empty character).

Refer to the R2016b documentation for more information on the missing values for different data types.


>> x = string({'I','love'}); x(4) = 'MATLAB'
x = 
  1×4 string array
    "I"    "love"    <missing>    "MATLAB"
>> y = {'I', 'love', '', 'MATLAB'}
y =
  1×3 cell array
    'I'    'love'    ''    'MATLAB'

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