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Is it possible to maximize, minimize or get the state of my figure programmatically in MATLAB?

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I would like to maximize, minimize or restore my figure programmatically in MATLAB.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 31 Oct 2017
There is currently no built-in functionality to maximize, minimize or get the state of a figure in MATLAB.
As a workaround for MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a) and later versions, the attached files maxfig.p, minfig.p and figstate.p (with help files maxfig.m, minfig.m and figstate.m) allow you to perform these actions as follows:
minfig(F,1) % Minimizes the figure window for the figure with handle F
minfig(F,0) % Restores figure F if F is minimized
maxfig(F,1) % Maximizes the figure window for the figure with handle F
maxfig(F,0) % Restores figure F if F is maximized
s = figstate(F) % Returns the state of figure { Maximized | Minimized | Normal }
Please note that querying the figure position immediately after using these functions may not work reliably unless the figure resize is complete.
There are no workarounds for versions prior to MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a).


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Steve Grobler
Steve Grobler on 20 Jan 2017
"It is well past time that the Mathworks implemented a supported method to comprehensively control figure window minimisation/maximisation."
too true!

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Jan on 27 Sep 2014
Edited: Jan on 28 Mar 2018
In reply to Max Müller's comment: I'm not sure if this works under 2006a already, but it fails under R6.5:
jFrame = get(handle(FigureHandle), 'JavaFrame');
Other useful methods:
jFrame.isMaximized % Thanks Image Analyst
Alternatively you can use FEX: WindowAPI under Windows.


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Lennart van Luijk
Lennart van Luijk on 20 Aug 2015
By far the most useful answer, since this is a built-in function and the jFrame object allows dozens of other actions as well.
ori yungrise
ori yungrise on 17 Oct 2018
Great answer! Pay attention - It is important to wait between the two commands with "pause" function or another way. Like "Nikolay S" in the next answer.

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Conrad Andrews
Conrad Andrews on 15 Jun 2017
Potentially a solution that may help:
If you get the figure handle and find the position property for that figure, it can give you the exact location and size of the figure on your screen. Say for example if you want to save the figure automatically at a particular window size.
Figgy = gcf;
This returned:
ans =
2 42 958 954
Which is where I set my figure at on the screen with the exact window size I wanted. Now if I want to replicate this position for a second figure (to save it with the exact size), I get the figure handle for the second one but this time I set the Position value to those coordinates:
Figgy2 = gcf;
Figgy2.Position = [2, 42, 958, 954];
Then my new figure is in the exact size and location as my previous one. I hope this helps someone.


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