Do older releases of MATLAB need to be uninstalled to install a newer release of MATLAB?

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Do older releases of MATLAB need to be uninstalled to install a newer release of MATLAB?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 19 Dec 2018
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 19 Dec 2018
It is not necessary to uninstall older releases of MATLAB to install a new release of MATLAB. The default MATLAB installation path includes the name of the release, so each release of MATLAB installs into a unique folder to prevent different releases of MATLAB from interfering with each other. You can have as many releases of MATLAB on a single machine as necessary.
Furthermore, multiple releases of MATLAB installed on the same machine (and in the same user account, for user-based licenses) do not count as separate activations of MATLAB. No matter how many instances of MATLAB are installed on a machine in the same user account, from a licensing perspective this still counts as a single seat of MATLAB.
If you would still like to uninstall older releases of MATLAB for the purposes of recovering drive space, refer to the MATLAB documentation:
Michael Chervinskiy
Michael Chervinskiy on 13 Apr 2021
Hi Scott. What about toolboxes and pcakages. Can freshly installed Matlab 2021 use Signal Processing and Curve fitting toolboxes from existing Matlab 2021 distribution already installed on machine?

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KiranKumar Makam
KiranKumar Makam on 1 Jun 2020
What about when the space is the constraint.
I would prefer somekind of logic given by Matlab rather than brushing it under the carpet since Matlab has become unyieldinly large to about 30GB to install.

Lorenzo Catalani
Lorenzo Catalani on 17 Apr 2019
Dear all.
I keep on seeing this message whatever licence I do download. After the .exe file is downloaded, the unzip process crash down.
Do you know why?
I am currently working on Matlab2016.

Andrew Laffey
Andrew Laffey on 7 Jun 2019
Probably because you need to rename the file extension. I had this same issue with Microwave office. Once I changed the extension to .lic (I belive) and saved the program in a new location, the software installed without an issue. A very simple fix compared to how long it took to identify. The process consists of downloading the software, copying it from the downloads folder, and then pasting it to another location within the C drive. After pasting, right click and select rename. When you rename the file, ensure that it has the correct file extension associated with licenses, .lic and then double click the renamed file. You shouldn't experience the pop up window that you screen shot above. I hope this helps since you didn't get a response to your question.


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