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isolate masks from an image that was created in a non-MATLAB program

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I am using a python program to find objects in an image. The output of the python program is an image where the original image is grayed and masks are overlayed in different colors, similar to the output of labelmatrix() and then label2rgb().
I want to read this output image into MATLAB and do further processing on the regions overlayed by color. How do I isolate these regions in MATLAB? In other words, how do I find the different colored masks?

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng on 17 Aug 2021
Interesting. Can your python program outputs the masks only? That will be much easier for matlab to process the masks.
Then you might follow this answer:
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Fiona Senchyna
Fiona Senchyna on 17 Aug 2021
Thank you, yes I was able to figure out how to output the masks separately after posting my question.

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