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is there any good book for maths in matlab

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I want to buy a book that teaches how to write mathematical equations in matlab, is there any good one that show equation and then writes its code in matlab
waiting for suggestions

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Jan on 17 Sep 2013
Edited: Jan on 17 Sep 2013
No, I do not expect that any book describes this procedure, and if one does it, it is not a good book.
The direct conversion from a formula to Matlab code is a very tiny part of the standard work during programming. Writing a computer program requires many other details to take into account, that you do not operate on symbolic expressions, but work on a physical machine with a limited numerical precision. A very simple example is this mathematical expression:
c = a + b;
It looks such trivial to convert it to Matlab:
c = a + b;
This will even work in many cases. But see this:
a = realmax('double'); % Bigest double value, about 1.7977e+308
b = 17;
c = a + b;
Slightly more complicated, but still looking trivial:
d = a + b + c;
Now test it with real values:
a = 1e17;
b = 1;
c = -1e17;
d = a + b + c % Replies 0 instead of 1!
You can imagine, that the problems will be much larger, if you want to solve an eigenvalue problem of a 10'000 x 10'000 matrix, find poles of a function, determine the gradient of a high-dimensional function, or integrate a stiff ODE with several force terms vibrating with very different frequencies.
You see, that "write equations in Matlab" does not hit the point. For solving problems books about numerics are useful. Because the same problems appear in any programmibng language, such numeric books need not focus on Matlab directly. A "good" book should concern the field you are working in, e.g. it matters if you are an image analyst of simulate multi-body dynamics. In a next step learning good programming patterns is useful for any programming language. And if these two topics are solved, reading the Getting Started chapters of Matlab's documentation should clear 98% of the questions concerning the formulation of mathematical problems in Matlab.
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Muhammad Ali Qadar
Muhammad Ali Qadar on 18 Sep 2013
@Jan, I did not Understand much that You are talking, but I think that absolute right, but still I think mostly for Image processing we work on Matices and Probability and statistics things that I want to program with matlab, and matlab Documentation do not write equation and then program it, May I can learn Statistics First, Still you Advise is Valueable, thank you

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Catherine on 17 Sep 2013
Introduction to MATLAB (2nd Edition) - Delores M. Etter

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 17 Sep 2013
Steve Eddins wrote the book on image processing with MATLAB. Check out the About section on the right hand side of his blog:
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Muhammad Ali Qadar
Muhammad Ali Qadar on 18 Sep 2013
thank you but this Book I already Know its Very BAsic And mostly Talk about the Matlab Build in Functions, I wanted t Excel my thinking capability in matlab I already have read this book but its just a start.

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muhammad alli
muhammad alli on 13 Jun 2016
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Jun 2016
The reference is to a book "Computational Physics: A Guide For Beginners Looking To Speed Up Their Computation" that appears to have been written by the poster.

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