How to read time of (YY:DOY:SSSSS) format ?

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Ebtesam Farid
Ebtesam Farid on 4 Jul 2021
Commented: Peter Perkins on 27 Jul 2021
Hello guys,
I have a text file contains GNSS processed meansurements with time resolution (5-min) [every 300 sec), the date fromat are (YY:DOY:SSSSS) format, and its type is string in the file, I tired to read it with readtable but I got error message
T = readtable(filename, 'Format','%{yy:dayofyear:sssss}D %f');
the error message is:
Unable to read the DATETIME data with the format 'yy:dayofyear:sssss'. If the data is not a time
I attached the file ( the file conatins 5 rows as a header)
any suggestion on how to read a date in this format??

Accepted Answer

Yazan on 4 Jul 2021
Try this:
readtable(filename, 'Format', '%{uu:DDD:SSSS}D %f')
Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 27 Jul 2021
readtable(filename, 'Format', '%{uu:DDD:SSSS}D %f')
can't possibly be right. S is fractional seconds. It's parsing those timestamps completely wrong. Maybe if you do something like this
>> d = datetime('2021:135:12345',"InputFormat","uuuu:DDD:SSSSS","Format","uuuu:DD HH:mm:ss.SSSSSSSSS")
d =
2021:135 00:00:00.123450000
>> s = d.Second
s =
>> d = dateshift(d,'start','day') + seconds(1e5*s)
d =
2021:135 03:25:45.000000000
>> second(d,"secondofday")
ans =
but there is no datetime format that will parse or display "second of day". And then this
isn't going to be right, again you'd need second(d,"secondofday").

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