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Audio file I/O requires Gstreamer 0.10.22 and higher. | Ubuntu 20.04 | R2016b

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I'm trying to use audioread for an mp3 file in R2016b, but when I run the code I get the following error:
I'm using
I've already installed gstreamer and I'm still gettng the same error
Alessandro Di Maggio
Alessandro Di Maggio on 12 Sep 2021
Hi, I have the exact same problem with the same matlab distribution (R2016b). Do you happen to have the issue solved?
Thank you!

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Answers (1)

Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 25 Jun 2021
Hi Jose,
As stated in the error message displayed, you might not have installed the Gstreamer library correctly.
Typically, MathWorks Technical Support does not debug gstreamer installation issues.
You can first try to verify you have installed gstreamer correctly by using the libraries outside MATLAB. For example:
1. Execute a simple C/C++ program in the your machine that uses gstreamer header files and libraries will help in isolating if the installation was successful or not.
2. If you are unable to write a standalone C code, you can also try to use the utility gst-launch in your system prompt:
> gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=file:[path_to_some_filename]
If you have verified that you can use the gstreamer libraries successfully outside of MATLAB but still receiving the same error message when calling "audioread", you can contact MathWorks Technical Support for further troubleshooting steps.


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